Summer 2024 Workshop registrations

As every year, during the month of July and the beginning of September we offer you our Summer Casal.

From May 7 at 9:00 am you can register directly here by accessing: Formulari Inscripcions Casal Estiu Juny-Juliol 2024.

Registration for September Week will also be online from May 21 at 9:00 a.m. by accessing : Formulari Inscripcions Casal Setembre 2024

You must follow the following instructions:

Fill in the form with the details of the child or children who wish to register (up to a maximum of 4 children).

Then you will have to select the workshop in which you want to register the child.

Once filled you will choose the week or weeks that interest you.

Finally, to confirm your place, you will have to pay by bank card.

The registration process will end with the receipt of the confirmation email, which you will receive at the time and which serves as a receipt for the first day of the house

If you are left without a place for the week you need, send us an email to indicating the following information:
-birth date:
-chosen workshop:
– Week:
-time slot: morning or afternoon.