On Saturday 6 May, it is taking place our special Spring Day , an artistic day where you will see an intergenerational collective installation of the school students.

On Saturday you will see the result of a creative project that has enabled you to create a participatory, shared and dialogue space between the different workshops in the school.

This year the installation proposal revolves around emotions, understood as both the pretext for starting the creative engine and what is generated in the viewer.

Emotions are impulses to act. Each emotion prepares the organism for a different kind of response. Like the elements of the periodic table, emotions are the basic material through which we conform as people, as society.

In the etymological framework, emotion is something that moves us, that pulls us out of our usual state, and even stirs up.

If a feeling is an emotion subject to a thought, emotions would be the viscera from which the creative impulses come. In the artistic language and specifically in this installation proposal, emotions are both the pretext for starting the creative engine and that generated in the viewer, through the impact of the works shown.

Let’s hope you enjoy it ,

On Saturday, 6 May, we are waiting for you!!