This September we are very excited to be premiering the series of Traç exhibitions, immersing ourselves in the Marine Treasures of the artist and school teacher Laia Ballester Galdón.

The illustrator will show us and discover the inhabitants and feelings of the intimate ocean of her person, from the ones illuminated by the sun to the deepest ones, often hidden under the waves.

The works have been developed from two different work techniques: material illustration and digital illustration.

The material illustrations present us with a transformed and ecological materiality, where a colored crystal, possibly originating from a poorly recycled bottle, travels, takes on meaning, transcends and transforms, developing much more than any physical limit. Glass stops being glass to become a work, but it never stops being the protagonist.

The artist combines material and digital illustration, interfacing and complementary tools, to capture the essential need of each piece, but always letting himself be carried away by the energy emanating from the forms, movements and life of the sea.

A very suggestive exhibition that you will love.

You can see it in the school’s Exhibition Hall from September 12 to 23.

They won’t miss it.


  • Dijous 15 de Setembre a les 19.30h a la Sala d’Exposicions del Traç.


  • Del 12 al 23 de Setembre del 2022