touching the rope

Drawing and Painting Workshop
Boys and girls from 2nd to 5th grade.

A red string is the main thread of the students’ exhibition of the Drawing and Painting Media workshop.

From this rope, we have invented a figure that relates in one way or another to the freedom and the infinite possibilities that the drawing gives us, achieving postures and balances that are almost impossible.

Each has been able to work individually on his figure, whether through self-portraiture, creating an invented character or an animal, dressing, disguising it, but most of all, thinking about how he would stand on the rope.

The purpose of the exercise was to work on body proportions in drawing with rope as a common element.

Starting from a large format (a card measuring 1 x 0.70 meters) has been a challenge for everyone and it has forced us to approach drawing from a different perspective: we have worked on the ground to be able to take the necessary distance and when we get up, see the drawing at a glance and correct it.

The result is a colorful walkway with unique and quirky characters.


  • Del 3 al 16 de Març del 2020 a la Sala d’Exposicions del Traç.