FOUND SEAS by the Enric Servera

The exhibition “FOUND SEAS” by the artist Enric Servera invites us to reflect on the relationship between humans and the Mediterranean Sea. Through a selection of works created with remnants and scraps of materials, papers and paintings collected in the Traç workshops, later intervened with engraving techniques, the artist shows us a metaphorical vision of the maritime landscapes affected by the pollution caused by human action. Each work is a call to awareness and a reminder of our responsibility to protect this precious ecosystem.
It should be noted that, in three of the exhibited works, mixed techniques of painting and engraving on fabric have been used, and microplastics collected on the coasts of the Mediterranean have been incorporated, which evidences the dimension of the problem on the increasing presence of microplastics in our seas.


  • Dijous 9 de febrer a les 19:30h


  • Del 6 al 17 de febrer del 2023