Griselda Olsina and Rafael Codony

Griselda Olsina and Rafael Codony, students of the Drawing and Painting Workshop, present their latest works together.



Watercolors of acrylics worked on a plane on paper, which give value to the gestural and dynamic creative process, as the figure of the circle and fluid, as the watercolors, where one color leads to another, with results of organic and cosmic aspects.

Griselda Olsina


When we open our eyes, the first thing we see is an overlap of shapes and colors that end up composing a scene.

From this simple idea I have developed a way to “build” the paintings I present, working on the basis of the superposition of geometric pieces, more or less deformed, and assigning to each a color and hue, which is given a sensory relevance and significance. Working without a model facilitates great freedom of construction throughout the process.

But all this would be sterile if it did not respond, on the other hand, to a set of sensations and emotions, dependent on the moment and the state of mind. Within this sensory world, music plays a very important part for me. It may seem that the transformation of these musical vibrations into a pictorial representation is difficult, but there is always a way to express it. In this sense, the fact that we can use a very similar terminology between musical and pictorial creation helps us. In both cases we can speak of “composition”, “lines”, “color”, “tone”, “rhythm”, “sequences”, “variations”, “improvisation”, etc.

It can all start as a game… but then comes the reflection. Thus, in front of a painting, multiple interpretations can arise. The gaze of the observer will complete the process.


  • Del 2 al 19 de Novembre del 2021