Visual arts Creation (elementary): Visual art Techniques

These January, February and part of March the Visual arts creation (elementary) course, have worked on three basic techniques of visual creation, in order to enhancing creativity and artistic expression and at the same time improving skills and expertise.

We have focused on three main techniques: cardboard molds, wooden boxes and glass paints, and in each of them we have based on the same work proposal, which each child has carried out incorporating their unique and personal style.

We have also explore the possibilities of color, making mixes to achieve a specific key or special color.

We would like to share the result of this experience, where every child carries the individual work he has done, to build a collective sample, which revolves around the theme of imaginary animals.


Based on the fiber molds we have, we’ve made the base volumes with a cardboard and a paper cola.
Once the two parts are dry, we have joined and customized them, added new volumes (ales, rods, cretes, etc.) with various materials (wood, paper paste, wire, etc.). Once the shape of the piece is finished, we’ve made a layer of chalk, to uniform the finish and let it be ready to paint.


Using 7 cm scalable wooden strips we have measured, carved, lined, marked, pointed, pinned and finally pinned the keys to shape the base box. From here we’ve drawn on more wood, then cut, linen and pasted the add-ons that give a style and transform each box, then paint it.


From a 15x15cm glass we’ve made a small picture. The process has been from a sketch on paper, then calving it into the glass and giving the figure color, bearing in mind that it is painted in layers the other way you see it. We have finally framed it.

We hope you enjoyed it!

Visual art creations (elementary) instructors:

Laia Ballester
Marta Cardús
Martí De la Malla
Maria Fuster
Mariona Mas
Gerard Nel·lo
Roc Sagristà
Anna Senpau
Isabel Troy
Maria Vicente


  • From 28th March to 1st April Every day at 6.45 pm


  • From 21th March to 8th April