The Traç engraving and lithograph workshops have invited the artists from The Heatherley School of Fine Art in London to present their work alongside prints produced in Traç for the exhibition Shared Spaces. The thirty pieces on show have all been created using the “language of print making”: lithography, calcography, woodcut, monotype…The exhibition will go to London in the spring.

This project was born to create and share an exchange of different life views and experiences and also to form a network between studios that use the same artistic discipline.

Cristina Pérez i Alay
Engraving and litograph Teacher

Traç Centre d’Expressió Plàstica

Marta Balada Monclús, Glòria Cañadó López, Kit Caver, Maite Escofet Rovira, Laura Gutiérrez Vara, Ana López Álvarez-Buhilla, Josep Maria López Villegas, Sónia Subirós, Josep Oriol Tibau Martínez, Clara Amado Crespo, Gloria Conesa Aylagas, Montserrat Enrich Bastús, Chantal Ferracci i Ivonne Portillo Sierro.

The Heatherley School of Fine Art

Ablah Asfar, Helen Adie, Rannveig Bore, Sophie Balhetchet, Madeleine Clarke, Karen Cotton, Laura Deacon, Deborah Parry, Debbie Bayne, Kenneth Sy Yiu, Celia Normand, Georgina Hole, Jeannie Taylor, Rose Vestry, Lisa Wilson i Carlota Solanes.


  • February 20 from 19:30h.


  • From 17 to 28 February 2020