In this large Drawing and Painting Workshop exhibition you can see the result of a creative process where we worked on chromatic abstraction, based on the color range of a still life autumn still life.

Each student has done two practical exercises. On the one hand, a pictorial work, he has researched his own color palette and painted it into a wooden panel.

With color spots applied harmoniously on the frame support, we have tried to get as close as possible to the actual color, observing and comparing it with the chosen benchmark. Although abstract elements flee in recognizable forms, more or less figurative interpretations have emerged.

So, in order to complete and deepen the work on color and the different shades and gradations, they have developed a joint Pantone range based on a photograph of the still life ..

Aníbal Riverol
Professor of Drawing and Painting.


With the children (from 7 to 10 years old) of the Drawing and Painting Workshop on Mondays we have done a pictorial work moving from the tangible reality to the abstract reality, from the observation of a daily object such as a lamp.

The process of reaching abstraction has been to make aware of the geometric shapes that are included in this object. By breaking it down into a new composition, giving way to a new meaning and transforming the observed reality.

However, we have introduced artists such as Kandinsky, one of the forerunners in the generation of abstract artists. Mondrian and Malevich were the main representatives of geometric abstraction and had a great influence on the development of art and design in the West. And also the Spanish artists of the abstract generation Fernando Zóbel, Rueda and Torner, who set up some of the most significant abstract trends in Spanish art in the middle of the 20th century.

Cristina Pérez Alay
Professor of Drawing and Painting.



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