Ceramics: Colective Exhibition

Our students at Ceramics class Ita Buchholtz and Zulima González and our Professor Iona Palau share Traç’s Exhibition Hall to present their most recent works to us.

Iona Palau, professor at Ceramics Class, shows us a project that revolves around the concept of the deformation of its vertebral column ,expressed plastically through red clay cooked at 1200 degrees. The goal is to look for synergies between her
scoliosis and pyrroplastic deformation, playing with asymmetry, experimentation and the beauty of imperfect forms.
It is a project in which it claims red clay as plastic material used for art, reversing the stigma around it; creation from the defect, since the starting point is pyrroplastic deformation, considered a flaw in ceramics and, lastly, also claims negative use of the prefix-de, questioning who dictates it.

The students Ita Buchholtz and Zulima González present part of their creation elaborated in Ceramics Class, where they have experimented with clay of high and low temperature , with the paint with engobes and with different glaze.


  • Wednesday January 11th 7.30 pm


  • Until January 20th 2023