The primary objective of the course is to offer a range of techniques that make it possible for each student to find, within the lithographic language, the most direct translation of their expressive need.
It is important to understand the concept of lithography in the world of art (printing, editing).
In this course, we introduce students to some basic composition concepts in the lithographic language (line, inversion, stains, primary colour ink, etcetera) by using different tools and materials, so we deepen the understanding in how a combination of different techniques and materials may result in a specific picture.
We teach the different techniques on an aluminium plate: sheet preparation, acidulation, image reinforcement, printing and conservation.
Students work autonomously. The instructor will guide all students by adapting to their needs and level.

Tuesday: 9:15 am – 1:15 pm (Prof.Jéssica Álavarez)

€ 50 Enrolment fee
€ 161 per month – One 4-hour period per week
Materials not included

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