The comic is much more than a drawing. It is a medium that allows us to tell stories in a way that no other medium does: with the essential collaboration of the reader. The comic is what happens between the cartoons. In this comics course we want to delve deeper into everything that allows us to tell a story in comic form, and go a little further. During the first term we will work on narrative, that is, what and how we tell a story. We will work on framing, sequences, the relationship between the text and the image… The second term will be dedicated to another essential aspect of comics: editing. Unlike other arts, comics are a medium designed to be reproduced. We rarely get the chance to read original comic pages! The comics that reach our hands are impressions. To experience the entire process that follows a comic from the first sketches until it reaches our hands in print, we will self-publish our own magazine. And finally we will delve into the universe of experimental comics, the other ways of making comics, those less conventional ways that test the medium.

Teacher: Josep Meneses
Wednesday: de 7.15pm to 8.45pm

50 € enrollement
*93€ month (one a week 1,5 hours)

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