In this course, you will learn different techniques to work with clay and to create a wide variety of practical or decorative objects.
For those unfamiliar with the use of the potter’s wheel, there will be a basic introduction. For the advanced users, the course will help them improve and master their technique. There will be also activities with slabs, coiling and other techniques.
We will teach how to polish your piece, and to give the finishing touch with glaze, oxides, engobes, and the learning of different decoration techniques such as templates, dry rope, Sgraffito, craquelure, among others.
Students will work with different types of clay: white, red, sandstone, and refractory.
Instructors will guide students to stimulate their creative capacity while working on their projects.

Instructor: Irene Gilabert
Thursday: 7.00pm-9.00pm

€50 Enrolment Fee
*€106 per monh- One 2hours week

*material: the course includes 1 tablet each month, the enamel and engulfs and the oven.