Second Edition Premi Pintura Tat Vilà 2019

This painting prize was born last year as an initiative of the school Traç Center d’Expressió Plàstica in tribute to Tat Vilà, who left his mark as an artist and teacher at school for more than 25 years.

The objective of the award is to promote contemporary creators and creators and disseminate their work, giving continuity to the thrill and enthusiasm of Tat Vilà and generating a space for relationship, learning, creation and artistic diffusion.

This prize is annual, being the second call 2019.

This year the winners are:

First award: ST, by Josy Malagrdia

Special Mention: L’Esquerda, by Berta Auseré

Finalists Painting Prize Tat Vilà 2019

Berta Auseré, Josy Malagrida, Juli Martí Casals, Sílvia Martínez Pou, Alba Refulgente, Carmen Rosés, Enric Servera, Inés Schaikowski and Rosa Solano.

Check all the pieces in the following link