Maite Escofet and Kit Caver

Joint exhibition

Maite Escofet and Kit Caver, students of the Engraving Workshop, present their exhibition of original prints.

Kit Caver’s series entitled “Flags” uses color and composition to create her own emotional flags.

We use flags for many purposes, among others to identify our nationality, beliefs, sexual identity or political affinities.
Inspired by the colors and mood of 1980’s Americana, this collection represents the artist’s interpretation of her own flags and the importance of waving them with pride.

Kit Caver

The color, as music, is a matter of vibration, comes from the most general to its inner power.

The images offer a composition so we can enter, see and see more …

Maite Escofet


  • Inauguració Dijous 21 de Novembre a partir de 19:30h


  • Del 18 de Novembre al 2 de Desembre del 2019