Everything is in everything, we could say that at the mercy of a formidable stream of secret flows and circulations(…)
Balthus. Memoirs
Quoted by Javier Aparicio Maydeu in “Continuity and rupture”

It is the joint work:
acceptance and
fusion with the other.
All losing
individual authorship.
It’s a joint adventure
where every creation,
it’s a surprise
Any excuse is good
to enter new territories
to explore:
the infatuation of both
from Piero,
it was this

This work is not historical,
nor does it intend to.
It’s a transcoding,
where we use the work of Piero della Francesca,
with our code and for our utility.
Our decoding
is not analytical,
is creative.

Núria Ferrer and Maria Roger
November 2023


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