Carmen Martín and Montse Antonín

Joint exhibition

Carmen Martín and Montse Antonín, students of the Drawing and Painting workshop, present their most personal works together.

Mont-rebei series

Branches and trunks emerged from a single liquid, lint and turquoise. Matter, light and shadow fuse in a whole. Was that what my eyes were real?

These landscapes not only exist in my head but also in nature. They are the result of some snapshots scattered along the Mont-rebei gorge where shrubs emerge from the water. They were white, peeled, dry. Naked Totally. The intense cold, the wind and the rain were undone. A sun rabbit painted the bark white.

This is what I saw.

Carmen Martín

Aran Summer 2018

Fibers of flowers, and paper fibers, dry nature, fugissera. Dizziness, ephemeral instant, …

Montse Antonín


  • Inauguració Dimarts 15 d’octubre del 2019 a les 19:30h.


  • Del 14 al 25 d’octubre del 2019 a la Sala d’Exposicions del Traç, de 9 a 13h i de 16 a 21h.