The representation of food has been part of art since its beginnings, and prehistoric frescoes depicted hunting scenes, ie invocations of the edible fact, in Roman still lifes of modern taste or later in the illusionism of ‘Archimboldo or Warner, to the still lifes of the seventeenth century in Spain or to Barceló’s interpretation. Already within the currents of contemporary art, food becomes the work itself and we can find a variety of creations and proposals, such as those that have inspired us to create the exhibition of Taller de Plástica Grans: portraits with fruit and vegetables by Zahydé Pietri, geometric compositions by Adam Hillman, edible creations by Antoni Miralda, textiles reflecting on food consumption by Alicja Kozlowska, lego sculptures by Nobu Tary, woven and personalized food by Kate Jenkins, the rotting fruits of Katheleen and the defragmented reality of Yuni Yoshida.

In this context, we invite you to taste with all your senses, the delicious cakes, chocolates and ceramic sweets baked in a single batch or biscuit, Biscuit our pastry shop with workshop.

For three weeks we have turned the workshop into a real clay workshop, we have shaped the most delicious creations, imagining ingredients, impossible combinations and attractive textures, letting your imagination fly and turning food into an expression of our desires.

Exhibition made by the Plastic Workshop for adults, children and young people from 5th grade onwards.

From 16 to 31 May 2022, in the Traç exhibition hall.