Creative Saturday: February 11th 2023

Next Saturday, February 11, we propose a Creative Saturday with workshops to enjoy families, children and adults.

We have proposals for all:

Family Workshop: Creative Laboratory
You will enjoy of a creative experience with your family, experimenting with different plastic materials and techniques.
Thinked for children, accompanied by an adult, between P3 and First grade.
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Child Plastic Workshop
Creative space to develop an artistic project with accompaniment to learn how to work with different techniques and materials.
Thinked for children from Second grade.
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Intensive Monotypy
In this course of engraving, for adults, the basic notions of stamping and monotypy, a graphic plano printing technique that is worked from a single stamp, will be introduced.
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Ceramics: Wheel Introduction
Intensive of introduction to shift, for over 16 years, where we will learn the basic principles of ceramics and have first contact with the wheel technique.
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