How do we do it?
Those who did not come during the regular course 2020/21 and took number on Wednesday, April 21, next Monday, April 26, putting the ID number you used to pre-register in a link that we will enable, you can see assigned schedule.

The registration period will begin in person on May 3.

If you have not been able to pre-register, you can send us an email to and we will put you on the waiting list.

In the e-mail you must provide us with the following information (essential)
-Child name:
-Year of birth:
-Choose week:
-morning or afternoon option:
-mail contact:
-telephone contact-e
We will contact you from May 13 via email and inform you of availability.

En el mail ens heu d’indicar la següent informació ( imprescindible )
-Nom infant:
-Any naixement:
-Setmana escollida:
-opció matí o tarda:
-mail contacte:
-telèfon contact-e

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