La Maleta de Artista for Christmas

This Christmas you should give art and proximity, give TraçACasa!

We have designed three models of suitcases to enjoy of some very artistic holidays:

MONSTRAÇ: This suitcase is designed for the youngest (from 3 years and accompanied by some adult) in order that they play, experiment and research with the colour everything creating character, monsters and one thousand of possible worlds. More information

LA FUSTA QUE VOLIA SER: In the suitcase you will find a bunch of wood pretending to become robots, elephants, snails, homes, landscapes… A Suitcase to construct, invent and explore the infinite universes of the game. More information

TRAÇ, CLAUS & FILS: This surely is our flagship suitcase (with the permission of the Milú). A suitcase thought to be used by children up 7-8 years to shape and colour at an image with clefs and yarns. More information