Drawing and Painting Laboratory

In this workshop, designed for pupils between 2015 and 2013, we will experience the creative and expressive possibilities of drawing and painting on the basis of vibrant proposals. We will discover different techniques of artistic expression by exploring the options suggested by the materials themselves.

The drawing and painting laboratory is an area of creativity, where it develops individual and collective proposals in a playful and attractive manner, in which the focus will very often be on the same process of creation.

We will be inspired by the classical and contemporary work of different artists, putting ourselves in their own skin, to understand the creative process and to gain knowledge of the techniques that will help us to enrich our own expressive resources.

We will explore materials created by us, we will seek unusual support, we will change working space and we will go beyond proposals in small format, to investigate new proposals.Utilitza el traductor neuronal de SoftcatalàUtilitza el traductor Apertium

Thursday: 5.30 pm – 7:00 pm

€ 50 Enrolment fee
€ 91 per month – One 1.5- hours period per week

All materials are included.

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