In this course, we will learn the techniques to transfer photographic images onto photopolymer and copper plates.
We will choose the image and manipulate it. We will learn how to transfer it to the plate and later how to print it with the intaglio printing press.
Combining photographic techniques with other calcography techniques will provide the students with a wide range of possibilities for experimentation, research and a unique creation of their work.
It is an eminently practical course where we will be explaining and practising the photoengraving methods and techniques, as well as additional technics to engrave plates. Also, if necessary, we will tackle printing methods, materials and the intaglio printing press in order to achieve a proper stamping result.

Instructor: Enric Servera
Thursday: 3:00 am – 7:00 pm

€ 50 Enrolment fee
€ 158 per month – One 4-hour period per week
Materials not included.

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