Creative Textile

An area in which creativity can be developed through a textile proposal that runs away from the traditional concept and explores the possibilities of different techniques.

In this textile-making workshop, several basic techniques of stamping, embroidery and “macramé” will be worked in order to create single and personal pieces. We will learn to transform smooth clothes into stamped clothes, using tampons and vinyls. We will practice the bases of the embroidery, with normal needle and with punck needle. We will explain the basic knots in order to make varied pieces.

During the course, we will present the different textile techniques, making concrete proposals to practice them, acquiring new and more skills, which will make it possible to enrich personal projects. In this sense, there will be an individualized accompaniment to the creations, which will be combined with the rhythm of the classes.

Instructor: Marta Ricart
Twesday: 7.15 pm-9.15 pm

€50 Enrolment fee
*€89 per month. One 1,5 hour week

*basic material included
This course has Youth Fee: Excluding enrolment and 20% discount for young people between 18 and 25 years old