Polymer clay (FIMO)

Course for people over 60 years old.
The polymeric clay is similar to play dough, but with the particularity that hardens when baked. It allows the modelling of a very diverse type of pieces: sculptures, miniatures and jewellery items, among other things.
In this course, we will learn to make jewellery items because polymer paste is very light. It must knead for a short period of time so that, with the heat, it becomes more modelable.
Once cooked at 130 degrees the piece will harden. Then the student will learn to file, polish, paint and varnish, obtaining high-quality results.

Wednesdays: 11 am – 1 pm
(instructor: Roser Vilaroig)

€ 60 per month – One 2-hour period per week
All materials are included.