Drawing methodologies

In this course, we will teach the basic elements of drawing, such as line, tones and composition, in a practical and theoretical way. Regarding the line, we will mainly focus on its expressive possibilities and on its ability to transmit sensations: hardness, smoothness, instability, and movement.
Learning how to use tones is essential to depict volume, therefore we will insist on correctly obtaining the necessary tones for stains and hatches.
In terms of composition, we will focus on a harmonic distribution of the spaces for each project.
In order to complement the studentsā€™ projects, we will learn about the different periods of the history of drawing.


Instructor: AnĆ­bal Riverol
Tuesday: 10:00 am ā€“ 1:00 pm

ā‚¬ 50 Enrolment fee
ā‚¬ 133 per month – One 3-hour period per week
Materials not included.