Drawing and Painting

This course offers a range of techniques that make it possible to find their own language, through drawing and painting, as a means of expression. Learning to look is the main goal of this course. We will work with dry techniques to learn how to fit and provide. We will deepen the work with line, stain, dithering, etc… and to manipulate different tools and materials. We will introduce some basic concepts of composition as part of the pictorial language. We will learn different pictorial techniques about different media. In this workshop, the pupils are self-employed for their work. The master adapts to the rhythm and needs of each, and will guide the student to take a greater look at the concept and the different techniques and materials.

7.15 pm-9.15 pm (instructor: Aníbal Riverol)

€50 Enrolment fee
*€98€ month

*material not included
This course has Young Fee: Exemption of fee and 20% discount for youngers between 18 and 25 years old.