The Traç educational programme is based on the development of an artistic education which is both wide-ranging and of good quality. It takes into account the context of the people involved and teaches them to think, imagine, share and communicate. The Traç objective is based not only on providing theoretic knowledge but also in transmitting to the students, the motivation to learn and create and the ability to enjoy the different creative possibilities available. Artistic activity strengthens personality and self-esteem. It encourages our critical capacity, making us more open-minded and sensitive, enriching our communications and ordering our thoughts. This educational programme can be adapted to any age group.

5 – 7 year-olds With the youngest students, we focus on the development of social and fine motor skills. This is taught by experimenting with art both individually and in groups.

7 – 10 year-olds By this age, the children are already beginning to draw the world they see around them and this is why our workshops teach the children to observe and encourage them to be creative.

11 – 18 year-olds In this age range we encourage the learning and consolidation of technical knowledge and the development of individual creativity.

Adults The way we focus our educational programme depends on the interests and motivation of each person. For this reason, our teaching methods are adapted for each person on an individual basis.

People with special needs For people with any type of physical handicap, artistic creativity is a good tool to work with. We aim to improve motor skills, mental agility and above all, self-esteem.