Our history:

A little bit of history (1975-2011)

Step by stepIn 1975 TRAÇ started out by opening a handicraft workshop, in a flat, for local children.  From the first, the objective was to teach more than just the basic ideas of art and craft and each workshop was closely linked with an educational programme so that the children could also  appreciate and learn about artistic values.

Two years later the school moved from the apartment where it all started and began giving classes in premises that were more accessible and more adequate to achieve the artistic objectives of the centre.  Over time, the school  expanded and increased the range of activities if offered. Day by day its reputation  grew and it became more and more popular.  In 1983 Traç had become a centre for artistic education, open to everyone and offering a wide variety of ideas.

Today, 35 years have gone by and the experience of all these years and the contribution of all and every one of the students has made it possible that Traç is now a well-known dynamicand pioneering art centre that is constantly looking for new techniques and materials as it adapts to the demands of our society.