The technique of watercolor consists of painting on paper with paint that is diluted with water that are more or less transparent based on the amount of water added to the paint. The color of the paper is one of the shades in the painting and is usually left blank to obtain highlights. 
OBJECTIVES: For each student to finish the course having gathered enough experience to motivate a continued interest in the task of being an artist working in watercolor. 
METHODOLOGY: We will learn to prepare all of the necessary material, and to judge the correct amount of water to add to the pigment for a desired watercolor effect. The professor will make practical demonstrations while explaining watercolor theory. The student will work in the natural environment, taking notes and photographs when the piece will be finished in the studio. So we will be practicing watercolor in "plein air". 
TEACHER: Carles Pellejero 
Material: A set of watercolors in a box, various sizes of brushes and watercolor paper.

SCHEDULE: de 9h a 13h 

PRICE: 180€

DATES: 30 de juny-3 de juliol / 7-11 de juliol/ 14-18 de juliol


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