This class was conceived as a first contact with the potter’s wheel or as an opportunity to improve and learn advanced techniques. Perfect with those with a busy week. Beginners will get an introduction to the basic techniques: kneading the clay, centering the clay, the wheel, creating textures, burnishing, and adding handles. Advanced students can perfect their technique. The program adapts tot the personal experience and specific interests of each student, broadening their knowledge: large forms, working in sections, narrow necks, plates, receptacles with tops and how to alter forms turned on the 
To learn the technique of the potter's wheel in order to complete a piece with a good form and finish. By taking advantage of the movement of the wheel we will learn to make the most interesting forms and volumes imaginable. 
We will learn all of the basics of the potter's wheel, all of the positions that will allow us to build a good base. We will begin with the centering of the clay, building the basic form and finally the polish and finish of each piece. 
TEACHER: Marc Vidal
HOURS: Monday to Thursday from 16 to 20h.
DATES: June 29 to July 2/6 to 9 July
Number of students: 6


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