Silkscreen is a flatbed printing technique that allows printing on many different surfaces. (Paper, wood, fabric, metal, glass etc.) The technique consists of forcing ink through a mesh stretched on a frame that has areas that allow the ink to pass and areas that block it. Once the screen is prepared the image can be printed hundreds of times without any loss in definition. The simplicity and immediacy of this technique permits leaves a lot of room for experimentation during the creative process. The students are free to create and investigate their own personal style from a different point of view. 

In this monographic course we will learn both the direct drawing silkscreen technique and the indirect drawing technique. We will plan the image and prepare the screen. Afterwards we will learn to stamp it manually on paper. We will learn how to make a template in order to print in more than one color. 
In the direct drawing part of the class we will work with two techniques, the "cutout" and the "positive" method. With these two techniques we will create an image with two or three colors of ink. In the indirect drawing method we will follow the photo lithic process (both manually and with the use of a computer), photo-sensitive emulsion on the base screen, copied or INSOLADO, developing, prints on flat surfaces such as, paper, fabric, wood. We will also work through the printing process, making templates for additional colors and how to reuse as creen.
TEACHING: Nuria Guerra.
HOURS: Monday to Thursday from 17 to 20h
DATES: June 29 to July 2/6 to 9 July

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