TEACHERS: Manuel Ruiz Ortega

HOURS: Monday and Tuesday from 10 to 13h drawing the sculptures in the Museu Marès

     Monday to Thursday from 16 to 19h in Stroke

PRICE: 200€



This program seeks to create a temporary artistic and creative activity to exchange concepts and artistic approaches and recover the craft and technique of the artist.


Knowing techniques and traditional procedures

Understanding the procedures as means dry or wet distinction between painting techniques by drying the vehicle in which coalesce pigments (or aqueous acids, either by evaporation or oxidation of the vehicle, respectively)

Prepare various formats: tables, textiles, paper, adhesives preparation of animal or vinyl plastic and cellulose



Theoretical and practical work on where the craft and technique of the artist through theory and practice on the procedures used in traditional workshops.

The material used will be:

Papers drawing neutral (soft shades) for working with pastels and pastel pencils.

To paint using the technique (water or oil), support the preparation workshop or table cloth, cardboard or paper.




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