Photo engraving is a technique that allow us to transfer photographic images from a photo polymer plate or copper plate to then reproduce that image on to a support, paper or fabric, with the press as many times as we want. 

This technique allows us to combine the advantages of the photograph with the look of an engraved image and the different techniques that they entail. (Dry point, aquatints and engraving.)
OBJECTIVES: In this workshop we will learn techniques to be able to transfer photographic images onto photo polymer and copper plates. 
We will plan an image, manipulate it, and transfer it to the plate and then learn how to print with this plate with the press. 
Combining these two techniques, photo engraving and traditional engraving, gives the student a large spectrum of possibilities in which to experiment, and investigate their creativity in their work. 
METHODOLOGY: The workshop is based on practice; the teacher will explain every step while as the student works hands on in the different techniques. The teacher will also explain the material, how to use the press, paper to realize a good print. 
MATERIAL: The workshop will provide the metal plates, the ink, the rollers and the paper. In order to realize the photoengraving the students should bring some photocopies of photographs that are the size of the metal plates. 
Teacher: Nuria Guerra and/or Enric Servera
Number of hours: 3 hours a week during one trimester (36 hours)
Thursdays from 5:15 pm to 8:15 pm
Level: Beginner and intermediate
Maximum number of students: 6
COURSE 2013/14

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