We propose five excursions to different points in the city from which we will each work on our personal landscape characteristics. With a sketchbook as our basic instrument we will observe and understand the surrounding area using pencil, watercolor, acrylics and collage; a sum of visions and sensations.

This workshop will stimulate your creative capacity, your dedication to your own work and provide images and ideas from which to choose subjects in order to define what we will use in the studio. We will make a sketchbook of images, impressions and memories to refer to, like a personal dictionary. 
To approach the Barcelona and its city green spaces with our notebooks, as a new way to see through the act of drawing and painting: a fresh new, intuitive approach that lets us then advance in other areas of personal work. 
A spiral bound sketchbook for drawing and watercolor, and material for drawing and painting. I.e. pencils, watercolor set, brushes...
We will walk with the eyes of a painter. (The spaces we will visit have been chosen based on the availability of covered areas in case of bad weather.)
1. "Carretera de les Aigües, Viewing area of Tres Xops. 
2. Barcelona's beach, Olympic port. 
3. Viewing area of Mont Juic
4. Pedralbes Monastery
5. Botanical Gardens in Mont Juic. 
Teacher: Imma Alonso
Duration and schedule: 20 hours, Saturdays from 10:30am to 1:30pm
Calendar: February, March, April, May and June
Maximum number of students: 10
Price: 30 Euros for three hours. ($42.00 approx.)
COURSE 2013/14

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