The artist's studio

There will be an activity in two phases. The first is the presentation of the artist in terms of how his/her work is connected to a theme and a concept. The second phase is a view of the work from a more experimental point of view. 
Phase one will be more theoretical; it will include a presentation by the artist of the themes and concepts present in his/her work in order for the participants in the workshop to understand the generating ideas behind each piece, an ice-breaker in a sense. This will be done at the Traç in about an hour. 
Phase two, the visit to the artist's studio, is where we will experience "in situ" or on site the actual work see in the initial presentation. The participants will see a series of artwork that will be commented and compared both within the series and with other work. We propose to establish a dialog and /or discussion where the participants can voice their doubts or present problems they encounter in their work to the group based on the previous presentation. 
-To break with the historical stereotypical image of the artist
-To know the personal working method of the artist, their methodology, their creative process and the techniques he/she uses and how they are used. 
- To establish a dialog with the artist, to know the content of the artwork through an immediate and dynamic dialog. 
-This proposal was created for people that have a thirst for cultural knowledge, without any prior artistic experience, that want to know and understand an artist's creative process through a hands-on experience. 
-This workshop is also for people that have had an introduction into the world of art and want to expand this knowledge through the actual practice of the creative process. 
-And to those that would like to propose reflection within the creative process of the artist, examining the very doubts and problems that arise in their own work as artists. 
-To anyone with a healthy curiosity that wants a new point of view from which to enjoy art. 
One 4-hour session divided in two parts. The first hour at the Traç School of Art and the next two and a half to three hours in the studio of an artist.
COURSE 2014/15

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