The building, with a space of 800 square metres, is distributed over two light and airy floors. 


Workshops fitted with big windows with natural light, big work tables, sinks, two toilets with washbasin and terrace.

Engraving and etching workshop, fitted with a large roller press , tables, stools and oven.

Large room/painting workshop which is ideal for experiments in artistic procedures equipped with easels, tables and stools.


Ceramics and handicrafts workshops with large work tables, easels, stools, four lathes, four ovens and various sinks.

This is a space that offers the tools and machines necessary for artists who work with electric saws and sanding machines.

Three toilets with washbasins.

Large room suitable for meetings with a drinks and snacks dispenser, microwave oven, projector, television and a room for exhibitions.

The use of the ovens for ceramic pieces will be carried out by the personnel staff and will be charged at the rate of 40 euros each time.