Residential Course for Artists Traç is a meeting point for artists from all over the world that want to investigate and develop their own creativity in an inspiring atmosphere.

    We would like to help stimulate the creativity of artists through contact with other artists from disciplines like visual arts, drawing, painting, illustration, ceramics and printmaking and together with educational programmes we hope to encourage the interchange of ideas within these different aspects of contemporary art.

    Traç offers the perfect medium, also, for groups of international artists that are already participating in team projects to be able to share together the same space and the same project.

    This course is an opportunity to carry out any project as it consists of an appropriate space ideal for workshops in groups with teachers. (Each group would bring their own teachers to carry out the workshops.)

    We also offer the participating artists the possibility to exhibit their work in Barcelona.

    Traç is collaborating with the Cultural Space  Pere Pruna (Barcelona City Council) Sarria San Gervasi district, located in the former chapel of Mothers Reparadoras space recovered by the city in this area organized the exhibition of the best projects undertaken by the resident artists in this exhibition will be held in September 2013.