Photogravure is a technique that allows us to transfer photographic images to a photopolymer plate or a copper plate to then reproduce the image via printing with a press onto a piece of paper or fabric, as many times as desired. This technique allows us to combine all of the possibilities of the photograph with the appearance of an etched plate in all of its different methods, such as dry point, soft ground and aquatint.... The course also includes the printing of the photographic image with other techniques such as lithography with polyester, photographic transfers on to different supports.



In this workshop the student will learn the techniques to transfer photographic images on to copper and photopolymer plates. They will plan an image with the teacher, learn to manipulate it and transfer it to the plate in order to print it with the press. Combining photographic etching techniques with other etching techniques opens up a huge spectrum of possibilities with which the student can experiment, investigate and create their own personal body of work. This workshop emphasizes the practical aspects of methods and techniques of photogravure, as well as the other etching techniques mentioned, in order for the student to be able to take advantage of these and other basic printings techniques if so desired, for the correcting realization of printed work.


Prof: Enric Servera

Wednesday from 15h to 19h.

Price per month

143 € Euros (One four hour class a week)

Material not incuded.

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