We will experiment with etching through different techniques that also include the most common, dry point, and aquatint. The workshop will be a practical hands on experience where we will explain the methods and techniques of etching and printing. 
-Free expression in the different techniques of engraving where your intuition and choices for each plate form part of the creative process. 
-To experience different methods of printing to obtain a wide variety of results. 
We will learn monotype techniques, the pencil or burin, xerograph, deep acid burn, photo transfer, collage... we will combine them to heighten the creative process where surprises are a welcome part of the making of the image. We will use metal plates, engraving ink and a printing press to print on paper, fabric...
Professor: Enric Servera 
Friday from 9:15 am to 13:15pm
Price per month
143€ (4 hours a week)
Material not included.

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