Drawing: theory and practice

In this course we will study in a practical and theoretical way the basic elements of drawing such as line, tones and composition. On the line we will focus mainly on the expressive possibilities of this, and its capacity to transmit sensations: hardness, softness, instability, movement, etc. The work of the tones is primordial to give to the drawing solidity and volume, therefore we will insist in correctly getting the necessary tonal values, as much by stains as by dredges. On the composition we will focus on a harmonic distribution of the spaces that make up our exercise. We will also study the theory of different moments and situations in the history of drawing to illustrate and complement our practical work.
Prof. Aníbal Riverol
Tuesday from 10:00 to 13:00h
125 Euros (one time of 3 hours weekly)
* The price of this course does not include materials. Each student will have to take it or buy it at the center.

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